Yukon First Nations Climate Action Gathering

Feb 16

Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre - Whitehorse, Yukon.

The AFN Yukon Region & Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) are proud to host the first-ever Yukon First Nations Climate Action Gathering February 16th-18th, in Whitehorse on the traditional territories of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.


The 2020 Yukon First Nations Climate Action Gathering will empower and support Yukon First Nations (YFN’s) leadership, citizens and other partners to unite around the challenge of climate change.  This event will facilitate knowledge sharing, youth leadership and climate action solidarity to elevate YFN’s as global climate action leaders. The event will explore climate change solutions held in our ancestral teachings for resiliency, and self- and collective-reliance. Bringing together Yukon First Nations leadership, youth, elders and knowledge keepers, the Gathering will work to finalize a Yukon First Nations Declaration on Climate Action and to establish next steps in creating a Yukon First Nations Climate Vision and Action Plan.


To achieve this, the Gathering will focus its efforts through:


  1. Youth Leadership

Youth and elders will come together prior to the Gathering to provide a forum to empower youth to articulate their needs and vision for a culturally-grounded, sustainable future. The outcomes of the youth and elder meeting will be shared during the gathering to inform the final declaration.


The Shared Heart Youth & Elder Pre-Gathering Draft Agenda is available here.


  1. Energy Transition

A panel on the important topic of energy transition in our communities will be a critical conversation during the three days. YFN’s energy leaders will present and discuss current and future sustainable energy initiatives and projects.


  1. Climate Change Solutions – Our Way

A series of breakout sessions will be held to celebrate and learn about First Nations’ initiatives that are working towards a renewed future. Each session will feature 2-3 mini project presentations from communities followed by a facilitated discussion.

  • Transforming Our Governments – Explore direction and lessons held in YFN’s stories, teachings and language to evolve YFN’s self-government structures and policies to empower ‘our way’.
  • Feeding Our Families – Sharing of projects related to food security, local food production and regaining reliance on harvesting food, medicine and wellbeing from the land.
  • Empowering Our Children & Tomorrow’s Leaders – Explore child and youth empowerment, education and leadership initiatives that ensure future generations are provided tools, skills and capacity to have greater choice in how to live prosperously on the land and in greater society.
  • Stewardship & Caring for Our Relations – Discover projects related to caring for the land, water and all our relations and reclaiming our role as original caretakers.
  • Resilient Adaptation to Change – Explore resilience and innovation as we adapt to a shifting environmental conditions and cycles, such as fire management and permafrost.
  • Revitalizing Our Traditional Trade & Skill Economy – Learn about innovative approaches to revitalize our local trade economy, promote cultural skill development and advance our role in the market economy.


This event is open to Yukon First Nations citizens and staff. There will be daily updates provided via social media for anyone interested in the outcomes. Once finalized, the Yukon First Nations Climate Vision and Action Plan will be publicly available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the AFN Yukon Office.


To register for the Gathering please visit the Eventbrite link here.


The Yukon First Nations Climate Action Gathering Draft Agenda is available here.