AFN Yukon Regional Chief Kluane Adamek Statement on the Federal Cabinet Announcement

“I applaud Prime Minister Trudeau’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and gender parity in this Cabinet. On behalf of the AFN Yukon Region, I look forward to working with this new government and will continue to press for First Nation communities’ issues and solutions to be prioritized in the mandates for this new Cabinet." - Regional Chief Kluane Adamek


The AFN Yukon Region is committed to building collaborative relationships with both returning and new
Cabinet Ministers and Members of Parliament. We will continue to advance Yukon First Nations rights and
interests and work together to advance joint priorities and build upon the momentum over the past 4 years.
It is critical we move forward with advancing and advocating for change with respect to Climate Action at all
levels, that we honour the spirit and intent of Modern Treaties and that we advance the Calls for Justice
identified in the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.


“Nationally, it is critical we work diligently and collaboratively with all Ministers and, in particular, Indigenous
Services Canada, Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, to advocate for the unique priorities of
Yukon First Nations. As AFN National Chair and Co-Chair for the critical focus areas of Modern Treaty
Implementation, Climate Change and Health, I will be approaching Ministers to set up initial meetings to
discuss shared priorities and identify joint actions. ”


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Laila Adam
AFN Yukon Regional Office | (t) 403.819.9190


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