Vision & Mandate

About AFN Yukon Region

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Yukon Region works with all 14 Yukon First Nations to support advancing their priorities and interest on a national level, at their direction.



  • Unified through embracing their diversity
  • Building On Tradition on Leadership
  • Charting the path forward as equal partners with all forms of government
  • Openly sharing solutions within Yukon and Beyond


The Yukon Regional Chief & AFN National Executive

The Yukon Regional Chief  leads the AFN Yukon regional office and sits on the AFN’s National Executive. The National Executive is made up of all the Regional Chiefs across the country, and the National Chief.

For more information, visit the Assembly of First Nations website.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate Is To:

  • Protect and advance the rights and interests of First peoples of Yukon Territory
  • Preserve, promote, and protect the cultures and traditions of First peoples
  • Create policies and resources to enhance the economic, social, and cultural wellbeing of Yukon First Nations
  • Work in collaboration with other organizations to support and advance the individual and collective interest of Yukon First Nations

Strategic Goals & Vision

From 2019 – 2024