Teslin Tlingit Council

Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) is a self-governing First Nation based in Teslin in Southern Yukon Territory. Teslin Tlingit people have shared ancestry with the coastal Tlingit people of Southeast Alaska and the Inland Tlingit people of Taku River First Nation and Carcross-Tagish First Nation.


There are five Teslin Tlingit Clans , which play a central role in TTC’s government structure. The administrative branch of TTC consists of eight Departments, which provide programs and services for TTC’s Citizens. (Source)


More information:


Website: http://www.ttc-teslin.com/index.html


History: http://www.ttc-teslin.com/our-history.html


Final Agreement: http://www.ttc-teslin.com/final-agreement.html


Self-Government Agreement: http://www.ttc-teslin.com/self-government-agreement.html