Liard First Nation

Liard First Nation is one of five distinct Kaska Dena communities located in Southeast Yukon and Northeastern British Columbia. Two Yukon First Nations – the Ross River Dena Council and Liard First Nation – are part of the Kaska family.


The people of Liard First Nation inhabit a broad area in the southeastern Yukon and live predominantly in and around the present-day town of Watson Lake. The current population of Liard First Nation is approximately 1,400 members.


Dene Zā́géʼ (the Kaska language) is the language of Liard First Nation and other Kaska nations of southeastern Yukon and northeastern British Columbia. Currently, there are approximately 100 fluent speakers of the Kaska language living throughout the Kaska territory, speaking a range of regional dialects of the language.


Despite the separation of Kaska people imposed by the Indian Act and the present-day provincial and territorial borders separating Kaska families, Liard First Nation is  on a path toward nationhood.


The Liard First Nation main administration and executive offices are located in Watson Lake, Yukon.


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