AFN Youth Council Female Representative

Nikita Sawrenko-Bailey

Nikita Sawrenko-Bailey comes from Kaska Dena and Gwich’in ancestry. Arising from the wolf clan of the Liard First Nation, her traditional territories cross the Northern B.C and Yukon Border. Growing up in her home community, Nikita understands first-hand the intergenerational barriers and long term affects that our communities face and she has a heart for her people, culture and traditions.


With years of volunteer work under her belt, that have taught her many life lessons and even brought her to support our youth locally and throughout mid-west Canada, she is vocal on Justice, Mental health and Spiritual Wellness. Her career as a Youth Support worker has had a significant and meaningful impact on many. Her dedication to learning and growth is evident through her post-secondary education, serving as the Leadership Youth representative with the Council of Yukon First Nations, variety of roles with First Nation Governments and Non-profits, and her current work with the TKC Lands & Resources department.


While she moves with resiliency and is committed to reclaiming traditions and breaking harmful intergenerational cycles, she brings with her a combination of personal and professional experiences that have shaped her into who she is today. She continues to be extensively involved with supporting her peers and community by empowering others in sustainable and impactful ways and hopes to be a strong voice for generations.


Jānī gūtsʼıh̄ ̨ gūtīe dēhdél! (Go forward in a good way!)



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