AFN Yukon Regional Chief Adamek Welcomes Senate Voting in Support of Bill C-69

AFN Yukon Regional Chief Adamek Welcomes Senate Voting in Support of Bill C-69


Regional Chief Adamek welcomes the Senate voting in support of Bill C-69’s references to Indigenous rights, climate change, and sustainability; as well as to explicitly include Indigenous women.


Regional Chief Adamek states “As projects undergo assessment and review, it is critical to include First Nations at every stage of the process, especially when it comes to our youth, women and elders. We need to create a space and platform for First Nations voices to be heard and honored. These voices are particularly important at this moment in time given the challenges we face with climate change. It’s imperative we protect these rights and voices within Bill C-69.”


As the AFN Environment Portfolio holder, Regional Chief Adamek works with First Nations to advance and elevate climate action. In the Yukon, First Nations are leading the way by taking climate action into their own hands and making real change in their communities. As First Nations people, we have an intrinsic responsibility to protect and care for Mother Earth for seven generations to come.


The AFN Yukon Region supports and thanks Minister McKenna for her efforts in protecting Bill C-69’s reference to the rights of First Nations and our women, advancing action on climate change and working to build a more sustainable future for all Canadians. #ClimateActionNow #AYukonThatLeads


For more information please contact:


Nathan Wright
a/Director of Policy
Assembly of First Nations – Yukon Region
[email protected]


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